We have complete faith in the power of equities for creating wealth. History proves that
those who identified the right opportunities were able to amass a lot of wealth in stock markets.

We, at Research & Ranking, call it the 5x5 Strategy aka Wealth Creation strategy.

So what exactly is this strategy and what prompted us to come up with this strategy?

We identified some common myths & problems which exist around equity investments.
Our 5*5 strategy is offered as a solution to all of that:-

Myth: Equity investment is all about gambling & luck.

Reality: Equity investment is about the identification of stocks of solid, well-run and growing businesses.

  • Majority of investors who lose money due to equity ‘trading’, blame it on equity ‘investment’ and end up thinking that long term investment in stocks is all about gambling & luck. Our 5*5 strategy is not about gambling or trying to time the markets every day.
  • We identify stocks of solid, well-run and growing businesses, creating a personalized portfolio based on your risk assessment, which have the potential to grow up to 4-5 times or more in 5 years. The portfolio growth is tracked every quarter not just by way of stock price but also detailed quarterly results analysis. Portfolio rebalancing is advised, as required, to make sure that yearly growth is captured along with the long term growth in the businesses. One may choose to stay invested for any period up to one year and above, but we encourage you to subscribe to this strategy for medium to long term investment with the aim of wealth creation (not merely wealth management).

Problem: No role in decision making when you allow others to manage your money.

  • Profit or loss on your stock market investments usually comes to you as a positive or a negative surprise. You rarely have any role in decision making when you allow others to manage your money. We encourage you to think - is this the best way to invest?

Solution:Empowering you with a personalized wealth creation portfolio of 15-20 high growth companies based on the fundamental analysis of the stocks and your risk assessment.

  • Our 5*5 strategy empowers you with a personalized portfolio of well run and growing businesses, with all the relevant information & analysis, which will make your decision making easier:
  • What to invest in?

    What to invest in?

    15-20 high growth companies for mid to long term investment.

    What to invest in?

    Why to invest?

    Investment rationale supported by comprehensive fundamental research reports. Please see our
    sample research reports here.

    What to invest in?

    When to invest?

    As per the ‘Buying range’ in the model portfolio.

    What to invest in?

    How much to invest?

    As per the
    ‘Model portfolio allocation’.

  • As a part of this strategy, our research team and smart algorithms monitor the portfolio regularly to book profits in existing opportunities and replace the underperformers with better opportunities, meeting our 5X criteria.

Myth: Equity investments can’t be done based on goals and objectives.

  • It is a general myth that equity investments can’t be done based on your personal goals, needs and objectives. Investors usually think that for goal-based investments, fixed income options are the best way to go.

Reality: Our strategy tracks business growth and has a fair idea of how much the portfolio can grow.

  • Under our 5*5 strategy, we identify very high quality businesses and track their sales and profit growth. Our technology & smart algorithms help us understand the business growth of the company which gives us a fair idea on how much the portfolio can grow.
  • Long term performance data, across several asset classes, has proven that equity beats all other asset classes in the long run.

Problem: Focus towards managing wealth, not wealth creation.

  • Typically, investors are on the look-out for the best wealth manager who can help in managing their wealth in various long term investment options. Investors actually want the creation of wealth, not just the management of it.

Solution: Via smart use of technology, we help you in wealth creation & not just manage wealth.

  • At Research & Ranking, we provide you with the top stock picks after conducting the fundamental analysis of stocks. Wealth creation can ONLY be done when you are involved in the investment process and have your say. Instead of mere wealth management; we help you in creation & multiplication of your wealth with smart use of technology.
  • We want to shift the mindset towards wealth creation rather than merely managing wealth.

Myth: Sip investments can’t be done in equities.

Reality: We recommend staggered purchase while buying stocks.

  • SIP is possible in equities as well. We recommend buying stocks in SIP manner in our model portfolio.

Myth: Investment platforms offering off-the-shelf (third-party) investment products are free.

Reality: There are no free lunches.

  • It may give you an impression that the service is being offered at no cost, but it is not often true. Several advisors get their income by way of commission/fee earned on the recommended third party products. At Research and Ranking, we transparently charge only our advisory fee and the more you invest, the less you pay in fees. Also check - How you can control your costs!!