• We are an online wealth advisory firm and as a part of Equentis group, we have had the advantage of being full time into the world of investments, with primary focus on equity markets in India since 2009.Our singular focus right from inception has been “Wealth Creation” through equity investing. We do not have any other line of business.
  • In our strategy of ‘Wealth Creation’, our objective is to invest in Listed Indian Companies that have the potential of generating 4-5xs over a 5yr holding period along with Yearly Growth. . To summarize, our strategy rests on 5 key pillars –
What You Get At R&RVs.
Longer-Term View on business & its potential.Near-Term View based on stock price performance.
Patient-Value Investing through ‘Power of Compounding’.Sporadic Investing with momentary gains.
Concentrated Portfolio of High Conviction 15-20 stocks.Scattered Stock Holdings with Insignificant Weightages.
Limited downside of 10-15% at portfolio level yielding stability in returns.High risk (beta) Portfolio bringing in volatility in returns.
Absolute Return Strategy with strong yearly returns.Relative Return Strategy focused at beating benchmark indices.
What You Get At R&RVs.
High Conviction Portfolio of 15-20 Stocks – with stock-wise ‘Buying Range’ &‘Weightages’

While we strongly advise our clients to own the stocks over longer time duration, however, your capital is not blocked for 5yrs; you are free to exit as per your preferred time duration.

Ad-hoc 1×1 Stock Tip provided on daily/weekly/monthly basis.

With this strategy one is lost and unable to cohesively construct a sound portfolio be it either to focus on near-term gains or for any longer-term wealth creation.

Fund Fact Sheet – provides details of next 1yr & 5yr target price of each stock as well as its possible downside. Other characteristics of the overall portfolio w.r.t. diversification, risks and volatility are also provided.Short-Term View of Possible Upside

which negates the concept of ‘Power of Compounding’ & ‘Wealth Creation’. Since it is stock specific recommendation, so the portfolio level analysis and fact sheet are out of purview.

Research Reports – are prepared with a perspective of owning a share in business.

Our reports are highly detailed with immense depth in understanding the business model, industry and peers, financial analysis and 5yr forecasts, sensitivities & impact and past track record of management and promoters.

Research Focused on Short-Term Financial Trends

with limited depth and scope of coverage w.r.t. business model analysis, past track record of management and promoters, peer-set performance, industry landscape and other screeners like scenario analysis.

Continuous Active Oversight and Monitoring of Portfolio with time to time recommendations for any change in weightages or positions depending on any company specific news/ events etc. impacting our investment thesis.Normally No Active Oversight of Tips/Ideas. As an investor you are lost on whether you should add more of the stock is going down or if you should sell full or hold if stock price is going up.
Detailed Quarterly Review of each and every company’ performance and recommendation changes if any.No such monitoring is provided.
5 in 5 Portfolio Strategy focuses on generating strong sustainable yearly returns with end objective of delivering 35%+ CaGR over 5yrs or approx. 5xs in 5yrs.Stock specific approach focusing on momentary gains.
What You Get At R&RVs.
Access to a set of 3 In-depth Research Reports per company, across all the 15-20 portfolio companies. This set of 3 comprises –

  1. Detailed Main Report
  2. Index Report
  3. Summary Report
Stock specific brief investment summary &/or report with limited scope and depth focusing on next 1-2yr EPS and ratios. This 3 set pack of research reports per company is truly unique and not provided by any other firm in the market.
Perspective of Owning a Share in a Business while preparing our “Wealth Creation” research reports.

Hence, the depth of coverage and scope is vast and most unique, unparalleled in the industry.

Approach is near-term; hence depth and scope are cursory.
Our Detailed Main Research Reports’ Typical Contents

  1. Detailed Business Model Analysis – including product-wise, segment-wise in-depth analysis.
  2. Detailed Industry landscape and peer-set comparison including financial evaluation of all listed peers.
  3. Historical financial statement analysis last 10yrs.
  4. Detailed Assumptions for forecasts.
  5. Future financial forecasts for 5yrs.
  6. Scenario analysis and Impact on financials.
  7. Valuation Framework incorporating scenario analysis.
  8. Promoter background & track record.
  9. Detailed analysis of all subsidiary & group companies.
  10. Detailed Investment Thesis & key monitorable.
  11. Detailed analysis of latest quarter results including comparative review with peers.
Mostly brief with limited emphasis

Non-existent &/or with sketchy details

Mostly historical data is provided for last 3yrs or best 5yrs.
No details of reasons for assumptions are available.
Forecasts are up to 1yr or best 2yrs.
No scenario analysis.
No due diligence on promoter track record.
No in-depth coverage on subsidiary & group companies.
No detailed investment thesis.
Typically, comparison with peers at quarterly level is not provided.

Our Index Reports’ Typical Contents –

We assign a score to the company based on detailed analysis across –

  1. quantitative parameters of business growth, profitability and key financial metrics.
  2. qualitative assessment of management credentials, track record, treatment of minority shareholders and all stakeholders.
No such analysis. Typical report has “Buy” / “Sell” / “Hold” recommendation with at best limited scale for rating if any.
Our Summary Reports’ Typical Contents –

  1. Investment Summary.
  2. Valuations.
  3. Risks to the recommendation.
  4. Key Market Data.
  5. Financial Parameters screening – past & future estimate.
No such report.
Portfolio Review –

At the end of every quarter, a detailed review of all holdings in the portfolio is conducted. Any weightage rebalancing, change in recommendation, additions, deletions basis change in our investment thesis is highlighted and captured in the review.

A detailed ‘PORTFOLIO FACT SHEET’ with the following is emailed to the client –

  1. Company-wise next 1yr and 5yr target price.
  2. Change in weightages; additions / deletions.
  3. Portfolio level Beta, Diversification, Liquidity.
No Detailed Review of Portfolio since recommendation is based on 1 on 1 stock specific.

Technology empowers and encompasses our entire process right from identifying investing opportunities for wealth creation to bringing the end product to our clients.

  • It is the robust technology platform that creates a ‘customized’ portfolio for the client with the desired investible surplus.
  • Option of creating your own portfolio and comparing it 24*7*365 days with our own 5×5 portfolio.
  • Real-time review of portfolio holdings including stock specific alerts on company news, events, board announcements, quarterly reviews and portfolio balancing of weightages and changes in recommendations are all communicated through email and SMS using the strong technology infrastructure.
  • Advanced databases with state of the art portfolio management tools and valuation frameworks, assist the research team in building screeners and parameters in identifying 5 in 5 opportunities along with intrinsic value of business.
  • Our recommended portfolio along with stock specific weights can be used by the client to create monthly SIPs with a similar allocation mirroring the portfolio.

In our quest to empowering the investors to make informed decisions and not to buy stocks on hearsay and tips, we also offer customized research services.

R&R is an online ‘Non-discretionary’ portfolio advisory service. Our role as an advisor is to recommend to our clients’ a portfolio of stocks (based on an assessment of your risk-return profile and your desirable investible corpus) with the sole objective of wealth creation. However, being “non-discretionary” in nature, the final decision of the following rests totally at the clients’ end –

  1. whether to invest or not to invest.
  2. in what proportion to invest.
  3. over what time period to invest.
  4. in what manner to invest – lump sum or staggered SIP.

Hence, the client has full control over his/her investment decisions. The investment strategy however, is regularly monitored at our end and timely alerts for any changes in recommendations are flagged off to you.

  • Say ‘NO’ to Speculation.
  • Say ‘NO’ to using Leverage to Buy Stocks.
  • Say ‘NO’ to Hearsay/ Tips.
  • Say ‘NO’ to Market Timing.
  • Say ‘NO’ to Mood Swings and Greed/Fear influencing your investing decisions.