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More than a seminar, Elite Club Conclave is a first-of-a-kind initiative to meet, interact and nurture our bond with ‘R&R Premium Members’.

From the exclusive lunch where the management team interact with the participants to the priceless knowledge imparted throughout the conclave by the honoured speakers, the conclave guides investors on the latest happenings in the stock market, smart money moves and investing trends to create sustainable wealth.

Wrapping up the unmatched experience is a Question & Answer session and an opportunity for meaningful one-on-one dialogues with the team relevant to the investments.

Benefits Of The Elite Club Conclave

Market Know-How

Markets & economy know-how.

R&R Portfolio

Everything about R&R portfolio and our investment methodology.

Invest Like A Billionaire

The art of investing like a billionaire.

Investing Trends

How to stay in sync with the investing trends.

22 June 2019 | Novotel Bengaluru Outer Ring Road, Bengaluru


If we take a quick glance around, the change is happening right in front of our eyes. And it’s happening at a rapid rate. For investors, the dynamic investing landscape is only throwing up more challenges due to which only a few are able to make profits. And out of this minuscule ratio who are successful, only a few are able to sustain it. So what makes these winners different from the rest? Are they doing different things? In this conclave, our keynote speakers spoke about the opportunities that India shall create in the next few years and how you can identify them, investing lessons from the fallout of the biggies, unique traits of successful investors and the art of sustaining wealth by avoiding the temptations such as greed, fear, etc.

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