There is a difference between being Rich and being perpetually Wealthy.

Becoming rich requires you to own/run/manage a successful
operative business that earns significant profits.

Being Wealthy requires you to own several businesses that deliver
even greater profits continually.



An Offline Investment Advisory Service with Personal Interaction
to create Wealth Creation Portfolio that suits your requirement.

Who is it for?

Quality advice for direct equities

Investors who want quality advice for direct equities and portfolio administration while making their own investment decisions.

Minimum Investible Surplus

Minimum Investible Surplus – INR 25 lacs and above

Suitable for HNI,
UHNI & Family offices.

How it Works?

Client On-boarding & Profiling
  • Investment Risk Profiling & Defining Investment Goals with direct interaction from Research Team.
Equity Portfolio Construction
  • Portfolio construction based on client risk profile and in line with our 5 in 5 Wealth Creation Strategy.
  • Portfolio level health check – using Quality and Risk assessment parameters (Aggregate Volatility, Valuation, M.cap, diversification, etc.)
  • Recommendation of stock specific allocation.
  • Investment rationale submitted, both stock specific and overall for the portfolio.
  • Client executes advised equity trades with his broker.
Portfolio Review
  • Portfolio Review Meetings to be conducted every quarter with the Research Team.
  • Portfolio Performance Review Document (sent every quarter). (Comprehensive performance review note along with clear rebalancing strategy sent to the client)
  • Quarterly Result Updates to be sent to the client for all the portfolio companies.
Portfolio Monitoring & Rebalancing
  • Regular tracking of all recommended stocks by in-house research team.
  • Specific inputs to Buy/Hold/Sell –with rationale provided.
  • Change in Stock Allocation if required.
  • Event Updates/Corporate Actions.
After Sales
  • Complete access to customer service team & relationship manager.


Gold Membership - Yearly Plan

Investible Surplus
Up to INR 25 Lacs

INR 35,000 +18% GSTAny incremental Investment - 26-49 Lacs - 1.50% of the
AUA(Assets under Advisory)

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Investible Surplus
50 Lacs

INR 65,000+18% GSTAny incremental Investment - 51-74 Lacs - 1.25% of the
AUA(Assets under Advisory)

Pay now
Platinum Membership - 3 Year Plan

Investible Surplus
Up to INR 25 Lacs

INR 95,000+18% GSTAny incremental Investment - 26-49 Lacs - 1.40% of the
AUA(Assets under Advisory)

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Investible Surplus
50 Lacs

INR 1,75,000+18% GSTAny incremental Investment - 51-74 Lacs - 1.10% of the
AUA(Assets under Advisory)

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Investible Surplus > 75 Lacs

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Decision Making
Client approval taken on portfolio execution
Client approval not necessary
Control on Portfolio
Client has complete control on the money being managed as the shares are in their DP
Limited control as money is on the books of PMS provider
Flexibility of Trade Execution
Client can execute trades through broker and in the demat account of their choice
Client has no say
Research and Empowerment
Detailed research reports and quarterly result updates sent to clients explaining investment rationale and medium to five-year price targets
Mandatory reports only submitted
Access to Research Team
Direct access provided
No such facility offered usually client queries addressed via emails
Fee Structure
Minimal Fixed Fee – No Profit Sharing
Fixed plus Profit share

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