Nikhil Shah


Till now, I was following my own method of investment and I have not been able to earn reasonable rate of even 12 % p.a. Since I have subscribed to personal portfolio by R&R, I have developed patience as an investor and look to the long-term horizon only. My gift shares have appreciated by 50%. This has helped me in recovering my subscription fee. I strongly recommend R&R to my own circle of friends and acquaintances.


Pranay Kargutkar

Senior Software Auditor

Stock market is a game of investing over a period of time. If you invest for a long-time, then only you can reap the benefits of it. They gave complete handholding, taught lot of things about stock market, a portfolio of 18 stocks and I am investing on a monthly basis. I see my portfolio growing over a period of time. I feel this is the only way to make money in the stock market.


Nitin Desai


After joining R&R, I had a good experience and got extra time to study the research report which they are providing. You can take a call whether to investor or not invest after reading them. Before joining R&R, I used to get tips about the 50% or 100 % growth, but most of times I got to see the stocks going downside. R&R gives us growth updates on a regular basis and if the fundamentals changes, they give exit calls. Thank you R&R.


Manan Khandelwal


After consulting various advisory firm, I found R&R advisory philosophy appealing. So, they will give you advice on individual high growth potential stocks that will help you to build a robust portfolio. This is backed by research. Not only that, they also review the recommended stocks every quarter. My portfolio in a span of 6 months has given me 30% returns. I am very satisfied with the services.


Raju Mehta

Business Development Head

With R&R, we get ideas that remain with us for 3 years or 4 years and people get 5x-7x-10x returns by following those ideas. The best part is they are not a broker and they are not target based revenue generating company. I am using R&R services since last one and a half year. It is going very good and I must congratulate the entire team and Mr. Manish Goel for this. Thank you.


Naresh Shah

Managing Partner At Nyasa Industries

I have recommended my friends to subscribe to R&R services to those who have a long-term vision of 5 years and above and looking for multibagger stocks. I have also used the gift share option which has helped me to recover my subscription fee. Thanks to R&R for researching on fundamental stocks and giving reports time to time.


Nimesh Kanani

Managing Partner At Premium Sales

I have been investing in equity markets for a long time. After joining R&R, I came to know that you cannot have a trader mindset if you want to create wealth. To create wealth, you have to invest in the sound business. And to invest in the business, you need to have thorough research. I think by 2025, I will be able to create significant wealth with R&R services. Thank you R&R.


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