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  1. After a successful payment of Annual, 2 Years or 5 Years R&R subscription, client will get an email from R&R (as per details on R&R website) to inform of the Gift Shares facility.
  2. You will email a scanned copy of the latest Client Master Report (CMR)/Client Master List (CML) of your Demat Account in your Registered Name (as per our records) where the shares will be transferred; preferably signed & stamped by the Depository Participant (DP) with DP logo, for verification purposes (also see Pt. 6).
    Note: (CMR/CML is a statement of your Demat account, provided by your DP).
  3. We will accept a clear and legible scanned image of CMR/CML. R&R will take all due care to ensure transfer of shares as per the details provided by you via CMR/CML statement. However, R&R will bear no responsibility if any CMR/CML details, provided by you, are erroneous & results in transfer of shares to an unrelated/third party. R&R will not be liable to make good any such losses due to subscriber’s errors/omissions.
  4. INR 5,000/- (For One Year Subscription) OR INR 10000/-(For Two Years Subscription) OR INR 25000/-(For Five Years Subscription) valuation of shares to be transferred, will be calculated approximately as per the closing price (NSE/BSE) on any day between 1-3 business days* immediately preceding the date of off-market transfer. In other words, if Jan 2nd is the date of transfer then the closing price of ABC Ltd (Gift Share) on NSE on any day between Dec 31st – Dec 29th (assuming Jan 1st, is a holiday) will be considered, say it was INR 101.50; then the number of shares sent to your Demat via Off-market transfer will be: 5,000/101.50 = 49.26 ~ 49 shares.
  5. The entire process of share transfer may take up to 7-10 business days from the date of receipt of your CMR/CML copy – Signed & Stamped (by DP official) with DP logo, by R&R. (Client Master Report/ Client Master List is a statement provided by your DP – Depository Participant).
  6. We will accept a clear and legible scanned image of CMR/CML for this purpose via an email. However, for compliance reasons &/or due to illegible/unclear scan image or wrong/erroneous details, we reserve the right to request you to courier the original copy of the CMR/CML. If the CMR/CML copy is not duly received at our end, we reserve the right to hold the transfer of Gift Shares & may also block your online access to our services until the required documents are submitted.
  7. The Gift Share facility is extended to the client to inculcate the habit of long term equity investments. As such, no complaints will be entertained in case of any delays in the receipt of shares by the client. All efforts will be made by R&R team to ensure timely share transfer at R&R’s sole discretion.
  8. The Gift Shares will belong to a single company and will be chosen at the sole discretion of R&R Research Team based on our medium-long term view on the company.
  9. Depending upon the price movements, our views, availability of stock at the desired price etc, R&R reserves the right to replace the Gift Share Stock A (if decided by R&R/informed to client, before the transfer) at the time of transfer and instead, send/transfer out Stock B to the client.
  10. All Gift Shares should ideally be held by the client for a medium to long term view and R&R will, on a best effort basis, strive to provide a Hold/Exit recommendation in due course as per its sole discretion. However, R&R will not be responsible for the overall stock performance of these Gift Shares.
  11. R&R will not be held liable/responsible under any scenario where client sells off the Gift Shares earlier/at/later than the date of our Hold/Exit recommendation.
  12. All Short Term & Long Term tax and/or any other charges/levies/tax accruing to a client owing to acceptance of the Gift Shares, will be client’s sole responsibility.
  13. R&R reserves all rights with regards to the “Gift Shares” plan which may be altered/changed/modified/stopped/discontinued/Re-started etc at the sole discretion of R&R without any prior notice to any existing/potential customers.
  14. For a comprehensive reading of our Terms & Conditions – including our Privacy Policy, Legal Disclaimer, Terms Of Service, Website Disclaimer & Refund/Cancellation Policy – pls visit: