Myth: Investing in Equities is all about Luck

Invest in stocks on
hearsay/ tips
More often than not,
one ends up
buying High
and selling Low
One thinks one is Investing;
In reality this is pure speculation
Is it all about
Problem compounded if
leverage used for investing in equities.

Reality: Investing in Equity Markets is a Science

Investing in stocks requires an in-depth understanding of the company’s business model, topline, net profits, free cash flows, return ratios and pedigree of the management.

One cannot time the market. It is next to impossible catching the highs and the lows.

Patience and clarity of investment goals allow an investor to benefit the most by investing in stock market for medium to long term.

Markets will keep swinging between – Fear Cycle & Greed Cycle.

As a result, stocks often get over-punished or over-rewarded irrespective of their fundamentals.

Fear Cycle offers the best opportunity to build portfolio of high quality stocks available at bargain price.

Greed Cycle offers the best opportunity to book profits and maximize returns.

"It is important to stay away from ‘noise’ & more important, the psychological effects of that noise.
How to invest in stocks is an art and it is about understanding businesses from a perspective of being co-owners of your capital invested."