Journey of Stocks

Company Name Polycab India Ltd
Start Date 27-Oct-2021
End Date 01-Feb-2023
Start Price ₹ 2284
End Price ₹ 3032
Duration 16 Months
Gain in % 32%
Company Name H.G. Infra Engineering Ltd
Start Date 27-May-2022
End Date 15-Feb-2023
Start Price ₹ 541
End Price ₹ 773
Duration 9 Months
Gain in % 43%
Company Name Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd
Start Date 24-Jan-2020
End Date 03-Feb-2023
Start Price ₹ 210
End Price ₹ 237
Duration 36 Months
Gain in % 13%
Company Name Ujjivan Financial Services Ltd
Start Date 29-Jul-2022
End Date 20-Oct-2022
Start Price ₹ 172
End Price ₹ 248
Duration 3 Months
Gain in % 44%
Company Name Canara Bank Ltd
Start Date 22-Apr-2022
End Date 03-Jan-2023
Start Price ₹ 238
End Price ₹ 339
Duration 9 Months
Gain in % 42%
Company Name Bank Of Baroda
Start Date 26-Nov-2021
End Date 03-Aug-2022
Start Price ₹ 91
End Price ₹ 120
Duration 8 Months
Gain in % 32%
Company Name Can Fin Homes Ltd
Start Date 21-Nov-2020
End Date 03-Aug-2022
Start Price ₹ 464
End Price ₹ 602
Duration 21 Months
Gain in % 30%
Company Name Westlife Development Ltd
Start Date 24-Feb-2022
End Date 07-Sep-2022
Start Price ₹ 464
End Price ₹ 678
Duration 7 Months
Gain in % 46%
Company Name CCL Products (India) Ltd
Start Date 31-Aug-2021
End Date 06-Sep-2022
Start Price ₹ 374
End Price ₹ 499
Duration 12 Months
Gain in % 33%
Company Name Indian Hotels Co. Ltd
Start Date 27-May-2022
End Date 06-Sep-2022
Start Price ₹ 225
End Price ₹ 310
Duration 4 Months
Gain in % 38%
Company Name Varun Beverages Ltd
Start Date 27-Jun-2022
End Date 16-Aug-2022
Start Price ₹ 775
End Price ₹ 1039
Duration 2 Months
Gain in % 34%
Company Name India Cements Ltd
Start Date 27-Jan-2022
End Date 01-Jul-2022
Start Price ₹ 218
End Price ₹ 161
Duration 5 Months
Gain in % -26%
Company Name Phoenix Mills Ltd
Start Date 26-Feb-2021
End Date 30-Jun-2022
Start Price ₹ 795
End Price ₹ 1184
Duration 16 Months
Gain in % 49%
Company Name INOX Leisure Ltd
Start Date 22-Jun-2021
End Date 30-Jun-2022
Start Price ₹ 318
End Price ₹ 500
Duration 12 Months
Gain in % 57%
Company Name Home First Finance Company India
Start Date 03-Feb-2021
End Date 18-Nov-2021
Start Price ₹ 544
End Price ₹ 794
Duration 9 Months
Gain in % 46%
Company Name Alkem Laboratories
Start Date 23-Sep-2020
End Date 23-Sep-2021
Start Price ₹ 2743
End Price ₹ 3963
Duration 12 Months
Gain in % 44%
Company Name KNR Constructions
Start Date 28-Apr-2021
End Date 27-Aug-2021
Start Price ₹ 195
End Price ₹ 320
Duration 4 Months
Gain in % 64%
Company Name Carborundum Universal
Start Date 27-Mar-2021
End Date 26-Jul-2021
Start Price ₹ 474
End Price ₹ 681
Duration 4 Months
Gain in % 44%
Company Name Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail
Start Date 23-Dec-2020
End Date 30-Jun-2021
Start Price ₹ 153
End Price ₹ 221
Duration 6 Months
Gain in % 47%
Company Name Hero MotoCorp
Start Date 19-Apr-2020
End Date 28-May-2020
Start Price ₹ 1806
End Price ₹ 2361
Duration 40 Days
Gain in % 31%
Company Name Kansai Nerolac Paints
Start Date 22-May-2020
End Date 02-Jul-2020
Start Price ₹ 360
End Price ₹ 463
Duration 41 Days
Gain in % 29%
Company Name Emami
Start Date 12-Dec-2019
End Date 26-Aug-2020
Start Price ₹ 310
End Price ₹ 360
Duration 8 Months
Gain in % 16%
Company Name Varun Beverages
Start Date 28-Jul-2020
End Date 16-Dec-2020
Start Price ₹ 688
End Price ₹ 974
Duration 5 Months
Gain in % 42%
Company Name Page Industries
Start Date 18-Aug-2020
End Date 17-Dec-2020
Start Price ₹ 19101
End Price ₹ 27247
Duration 4 Months
Gain in % 43%
Company Name SBI Card
Start Date 28-Feb-2020
End Date 02-Jun-2020
Start Price ₹ 700
End Price ₹ 611
Duration 96 Days
Gain in % -13%
Company Name Endurance Technologies
Start Date 23-Oct-2020
End Date 05-Jan-2021
Start Price ₹ 1009
End Price ₹ 1418
Duration 75 Days
Gain in % 41%
Company NameStart DateEnd DateStart PriceEnd PriceDurationGain in %
Polycab India Ltd27-Oct-202101-Feb-2023₹ 2284₹ 303216 Months32%
H.G. Infra Engineering Ltd27-May-202215-Feb-2023₹ 541₹ 7739 Months43%
Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd24-Jan-202003-Feb-2023₹ 210₹ 23736 Months13%
Ujjivan Financial Services Ltd29-Jul-202220-Oct-2022₹ 172₹ 2483 Months44%
Canara Bank Ltd22-Apr-202203-Jan-2023₹ 238₹ 3399 Months42%
Bank Of Baroda26-Nov-202103-Aug-2022₹ 91₹ 1208 Months32%
Can Fin Homes Ltd21-Nov-202003-Aug-2022₹ 464₹ 60221 Months30%
Westlife Development Ltd24-Feb-202207-Sep-2022₹ 464₹ 6787 Months46%
CCL Products (India) Ltd31-Aug-202106-Sep-2022₹ 374₹ 49912 Months33%
Indian Hotels Co. Ltd27-May-202206-Sep-2022₹ 225₹ 3104 Months38%
Varun Beverages Ltd27-Jun-202216-Aug-2022₹ 775₹ 10392 Months34%
India Cements Ltd27-Jan-202201-Jul-2022₹ 218₹ 1615 Months-26%
Phoenix Mills Ltd26-Feb-202130-Jun-2022₹ 795₹ 118416 Months49%
INOX Leisure Ltd22-Jun-202130-Jun-2022₹ 318₹ 50012 Months57%
Home First Finance Company India03-Feb-202118-Nov-2021₹ 544₹ 794 9 Months 46%
Alkem Laboratories23-Sep-202023-Sep-2021₹ 2743₹ 396312 Months44%
KNR Constructions28-Apr-202127-Aug-2021₹ 195₹ 3204 Months64%
Carborundum Universal27-Mar-202126-Jul-2021₹ 474₹ 6814 Months44%
Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail23-Dec-202030-Jun-2021₹ 153₹ 2216 Months47%
Hero MotoCorp19-Apr-202028-May-2020₹ 1806₹ 236140 Days31%
Kansai Nerolac Paints22-May-202002-Jul-2020₹ 360₹ 46341 Days29%
Emami12-Dec-201926-Aug-2020₹ 310₹ 3608 Months16%
Varun Beverages28-Jul-202016-Dec-2020₹ 688₹ 9745 Months42%
Page Industries18-Aug-202017-Dec-2020₹ 19101₹ 272474 Months43%
SBI Card28-Feb-202002-Jun-2020₹ 700₹ 61196 Days-13%
Endurance Technologies23-Oct-202005-Jan-2021₹ 1009₹ 141875 Days41%

* The performance represented on this page is historical. Please note that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Equity investments are subject to market risks. Read all terms & documents carefully. The content on the Research and Ranking platform (other than that on the paid customer’s dashboard) is intended to be used for informational purposes only. User must independently research and verify all the information before investing.


  1. Registration granted by SEBI, membership of BASL and certification from NISM in no way guarantee performance of the intermediary or provide any assurance of returns to investors.
  2. The securities quoted, if any are for illustration only and are not recommendatory.
  3. Investments in securities market are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents carefully before investing.”

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