December 2021 Newsletter

Date: 15-Jan-2022

2021 was quite an eventful year for the world. From achieving the distant goal of Covid vaccination to second Covid wave to creating history in the Olympics, India’s journey in 2021 was a story of ups and downs. As a whole, it was a year when people finally started returning to their normal lives. Let's take a quick recap of events that made headlines in the country in 2021.

November 2021 Newsletter

Date: 15-Dec-2021

Amid the rising concern over the surge in cases related to the new variant in some countries, World Health Organization (WHO) classified Omicron as a ‘variant of concern’ on 26th Nov’21. However, Omicron is not the first variant to be classified as a concern. Let’s look at the classification of covid variants and their meaning.

October 2021 Newsletter

Date: 15-Nov-2021

Q2FY22 earnings season has almost come to an end and overall results were above expectations within the NSE 200 universe with 86 beats vs 48 misses. Several metrics contributed to better than expected growth. The companies benefitted from the strong revenue growth in the technology sector, higher commodity prices & volume growth in the energy, metal sectors, and also the opening up of the economy. Margins of domestic consumption sectors were impacted due to rise in input cost. Within financials, steady recovery in loan growth and improved asset quality of most private lenders was the hallmark of the quarter.

September 2021 Newsletter

Date: 15-Oct-2021

Early business updates for Q2FY22 by some large and mid-corporates suggest continuing economic recovery. High frequency macro indicators for Jul-Sep’21 quarter such as manufacturing PMI, services PMI, personal loan growth, GST collections, electricity production, sequential uptick in air freight and passenger traffic, quantum leap in digital transactions and core sector growth all pointed towards the expanding demand in the economy. Current account surplus for Q1 FY22 confirmed robust growth in IT services growth. On contrary, weakness in demand is detected from macro indicators such as auto sales and industry credit, which will show up in corporate results. Oil price spike beyond US$80/barrel is a key macro risk in terms of its impact on trade deficit and inflation.

August 2021 Newsletter

Date: 15-Sep-2021

‘India reports highest ever quarterly GDP growth’, read the headlines in some newspapers. The headlines sound very exciting and worth grabbing eyeballs. Overall GDP growth in Q1 FY22 was impressive at 20% YoY led by Construction and Manufacturing sectors which grew in excess of 50% YoY. There was no sector which reported a negative YoY growth in this quarter. But is the picture really so rosy? Has India’s economy broken the shackles and on a tear away growth path? Let’s deep dive and find out!

July 2021 Newsletter

Date: 15-Aug-2021

The recently concluded, Tokyo Olympics has been exceptional in so many ways. Held in the midst of uncertainties and fear brought on by the pandemic, the Tokyo Olympics after getting postponed by a year was definitely one of the most challenging Olympics to date. However, despite these setbacks, it was by far the best in terms of performance and medals tally for India, with seven medals – one gold, two silver, four bronze and enabled India stand 48th in medals tally, its best ever position.

June 2021 newsletter

Date: 15-Jul-2021

Do you remember going to a restaurant not knowing what the menu is like or how the reviews are? Or hunting for menus of a restaurant, placing an order, tendering exact change and waiting impatiently, unaware of the time till delivery? Clearly, seems like a thing of the past. The new age FoodTech platforms have made us accustomed to a great deal of convenience which is here to stay.

May 2021 Newsletter

Date: 15-Jun-2021

India’s Q4FY21 GDP growth at 1.6% YoY was positive for the 2nd consecutive quarter. However, FY21 GDP de-grew by 7.3%. Government consumption led from the front in order to pull up the overall GDP. Robust improvement in government expenditure can be attributed to increase in capex spending by both central & state governments. Private consumption showed a small positive growth in Q4FY21 for the first time during the year (55% of GDP). With most of services being subdued throughout the year, private consumption was expectedly poor and the biggest contributor to the FY21 GDP de-growth. While the year gone by has been tough and the start of this year is unassuming, all is not lost.

April 2021 Newsletter

Date: 15-May-2021

The above quote by American author Hal Borland exudes a lot of optimism. The quote states that despite the current gloomy situation, we can still have hope and faith that good will come to us. We think given the situation that the whole world is in, it is important that we try to remain positive and hopeful (apart from remaining safe and indoors). For the COVID ravaged world, after death and gloom we have hope and vaccine. The world has once again started looking ahead with a renewed confidence that we will be able to breathe easy (quite literally!) soon.