At Research & Ranking, we strongly believe that a good business is more than developing an unparalleled solution for the customers. It’s about developing a business model that accelerates an inclusive economic growth and fosters development of a society.

“R&R believes in transforming the lives of people for better. Our business is built on the pillar of Transparency, Responsibility and Change. Be it our comprehensive investment solutions or our philanthropy initiatives, our objective lies in accelerating sustainable growth to benefit the society.”

- Manish Goel, Founder & Director

R&R CSR Values

Opportunity to
grow and give

We provide our employees not just an opportunity to flourish, but also a platform to contribute to our endeavour of improving the society.

systems & processes

We strive to leverage on our expertise to build processes and strategies to achieve a shared goal for social good.

Philanthropy Initiatives

Blood Donation – An Act Of Altruism

In August 2018, we partnered with Breach Candy Hospital to do our bit to donate few drops of life to the society. We truly believe that ‘Every blood donor is a hero’ and with this blood donation campaign, we provided a platform to our employees to become a hero by donating blood for the great good.