We believe in tailoring investment plans that fit you the best.

After all, personalization is a first step towards perfection!

Who is it for?

Investors who want quality advice for direct equities and portfolio administration while making their own investment decisions.

Minimum Investible Surplus –
R 50 lacs and above.

Suitable for HNI, UHNI & Family offices.

The Premium Advisory Service provides you with:

  • Existing Portfolio Review if there is any along with reasons for stock exclusion.
  • Portfolio construction based on client risk profile and in line with our 5 in 5 Wealth Creation Strategy.
  • Portfolio level health check – using Quality and Risk assessment parameters (Aggregate Volatility, Valuation, M.cap, diversification, etc.)
  • Recommendation of stock specific allocation.
  • Financial result updates of portfolio companies.
  • Portfolio Performance Review Document (sent every quarter). (Comprehensive performance review note along with clear rebalancing strategy sent to the client)
  • Event Updates/Corporate Actions
  • EXIT Calls
  • Change in stock allocation (done in consultation with client)
  • Execution of rebalancing strategy (Assistance provided in execution of rebalancing strategy with client approvals)
  • After Sales Services

Fee Structure

Fixed Fee

1% per annum Advisory Fee

1% per annum Admin Fee

Total: 2% p.a. of Assets under Advisory (AUA)

Payable - Every calendar quarter, in advance, @ 0.50%. First installment is pro-rated for the quarter, as required.

Variable/Performance Fee

This annual fee is computed @ 15% of positive Portfolio Returns and charged only when the Portfolio Returns equal & exceed the Hurdle rate of 16%.

Payable - Financial Year End.

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