• At Research & Ranking, we are an online Personalized Equity Portfolio Adviser.
  • The “Who can Invest?” section (http://www.researchandranking.com/who-can-invest/) clearly defines our target client. It is expected that potential subscribers would have read this section thoroughly before payment.


Scenario 1:

After due payment of the subscription fees, a personalized client portfolio will be created based on a comprehensive risk profiling & assessment. Cancellation or refund after the creation of this personalized portfolio will be applicable as per the offer mentioned to you by the sales team/promotional mailers. In case there is no offer, 30 days full refund will be applicable on the 1 year, 2 year and 5 year subscription respectively.

Scenario 2:
  • After answering the Risk Profiler questionnaire, it is found that you are ‘not eligible’/’rejected’ for equity investment based on your Risk Profiling.
  • You may then choose to revise your answers & re-submit the Risk Profiler. Else you may choose to speak with our Investment Advisor & allow us to help you understand the Risk Profiling questionnaire.
    • Inspite of above two steps, if your Risk Profile is still ‘not eligible’/’rejected’ and you agree with it, then the subscription fees will be refunded provided all of the above is completed within 7-business/working days from & including the day of your subscription payment.
  • There is no auto-renewal facility for Fees paid via online payment gateway.
  • An email reminder will be sent before expiry and the Subscriber will have the option to renew the subscription to our services.


Scenario 3:
  • Cancellation/Refund as allowed as per any special offer/promotion described to you by the Sales team and same is mentioned to you on an email.