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SCENARIO 1 – Regular Refund Option
  1. It is mandatory for a subscriber to use our subscription for a minimum period of 30 Calendar Days from the date of activation of the subscription. The subscriber can raise a refund request on or after the 31st Day from the date of activation and not before that.
  2. A time of 7 calendar days (including weekends and holidays) will be provided to the subscriber to raise a refund request starting from the 31st day of activation of the subscription.
  3. If the Subscriber raise refund request beyond the 7th Calendar Day as mentioned above, then the subscriber will not be eligible for any refund.
  4. The refund will be processed within 15-20 business/working days’ from the date of refund request by the subscriber.
  5. To calculate the Refund amount, Subscription Charge for 1 month will be deducted from the Subscription Fees paid by the Subscriber. The charge for 1 month is calculated by dividing fees paid by the subscriber by number of months.
    For Ex: If a Subscriber is paying 15000 for a 1 year subscription, then the Refund amount is calculated as (Full Amount – Subscription Charges for One Month) i.e 15000- 1250=13750.
SCENARIO 2- Refund Policy as per any Special Offer/Promotion
SCENARIO 3 – Part Payments