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Assessment Questionnaire>

Your answers in the questionnaire play a critical role in defining your investment profile, which in turn is used in creating your personalized portfolio.

R&R Model Portfolio – Stocks to Buy>

Our research team identifies the best stocks to buy now in Indian equity markets. This section will give you the recommended stocks to buy along with the research reports. Stock-wise % allocation is provided to enable you to create your portfolio as per your targeted AUM.

R&R Model Portfolio – Stocks to Hold>

These are the companies where we are not recommending new buying at current levels. We recommend holding these companies if you have already invested in them.

R&R Model Portfolio – Stocks to Exit>

These are the companies which have grown as expected and now should be exited from, at the suggested levels

Create your own Portfolio>

You can create your own portfolio to track how your investments are doing.

Quarterly Result Updates>

Quarterly Result Reports are provided, for the recommended stocks to buy.

Stocks and Market Alerts>

Updates on major events that affect the companies we recommend. Also updates on indices on any major events.
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