We introduce our Strategy “Vision 2025” commonly known as “Hidden Gems” to our clients to help them generate significant wealth to the extent of 10 Times in 8 – 10 Years along with Yearly Returns.

However, as is the case with all forms of equity investing, creating wealth out of Vision 2025 Strategy requires one to have –

a) Patience to wait out the ups and downs and,
b) Handholding from credible and committed advisors.


To identify the companies that can grow exponentially backed by a deep understanding of financial and non-financial aspects of the company and staying invested in them for the long term with the objective of “Wealth Creation”.

Who is it for?


Investors who want to leverage on India’s 2025 growth potential


Investors who want to invest in stocks on a monthly basis


Long Term Investors with 2-5+ years of time horizon.


Do not worry about short term volatility in the markets.


As a part of Vision 2025 Strategy, we would like to take you through the trajectory of India’s growth over the next 8 years till 2025 and accordingly invest in the stocks which are lesser known but exhibit very strong fundamentals.

That’s how India’s growth story can be your success story towards wealth creation as well!
The stocks that we have recommended in "Vision 2025" are backed by strong fundamental research of the company under consideration. We build our understanding about the company by meeting the company management, accessing publicly available sources of information about the company, talking to sector experts, doing extensive number crunching and so on. We recommend companies only when we have complete conviction on the company.
Hence, clients can use suitable corrections to increase exposure to these stocks. The idea is not necessarily to time the buying but to give time to the stocks that you have bought by holding them for an optimum period (generally 2 – 5 years +). This allows the power of compounding to come into play, which when combined with a suitable holding period, enables significant wealth creation.
We remind clients once again that these are not stocks that are based on hearsay, rumors or the greed to make a quick buck. These are stocks arrived at by using stringent fundamental analysis, which will create wealth for clients over the stated holding period.

What will you get in Vision 2025 Strategy?

  • Number of Recommendations over the Year –12-15 Stocks.
  • Research Reports – 3 Different Reports for every stock namely Equentis Index, Equentis Summary and Equentis Main.
  • Frequency – Once in a month. There could be times when you can also get two opportunities in a month.
  • Type of Stocks: Most stocks in this feature are lesser known, relatively undiscovered names.
  • Investment Time Horizon – 2 -5+ Years.
  • Objective: Wealth Creation.
  • Return Expectations – 10 Times in 8 Years along with Yearly Returns.

We will not just be recommending stocks and forgetting them, but will be handholding our clients all through this wealth creation journey.

Vision 2025 Strategy

Rs 18,000

Inclusive of all taxes


Most of the stocks that are present in our “Vision 2025” feature are mid-caps or small-caps; hence they may not be very widely tracked by the analyst community. There may not be adequate information available for these companies in the public domain, w.r.t. periodic conference calls, investor presentation, management appearances in the media and so on. We build our understanding on these companies based on all information available in the public and increase it going ahead as more information trickles in.
Given the high-risk, high-return nature of “Vision 2025”, we advise clients not to take concentrated bets on any one stock or in just a few stocks, but to distribute their corpus equally across all our “Vision 2025” recommendations. Also, we advise clients not to panic in case of any short-term volatility, but to let the investment thesis of these stocks play out over a longer term so that they can generate maximum wealth from our recommendations.

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