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Helping You to Be Better Prepared For Tomorrow. Our SEBI-registered advisory helps you build a stock portfolio consisting of fundamentally sound businesses that helps you create wealth in the long term.

5 in 5 Wealth Creation Strategy

Build A Tailor-Made Portfolio Of High Return Stocks For You And Your Goals.

This strategy by our stock market advisory is suitable for long term investors who wish to create wealth by investing in a tailor-made portfolio consisting of 20-25 fundamentally sound businesses.


- Personalized portfolio of 20-25 stocks.

- Complete handholding.

Build Your Portfolio

SEBI Registered Advisory - Reliable Guidance for Informed Investment Choices
Share Market Advisory - Expert Insights for Informed Investment Strategies

Mispriced Opportunities

Invest Monthly In High-Growth Stocks & Multiply Your Wealth.

Get access to a portfolio of fundamentally sound stocks where the intrinsic/real value is more than the current share price due to inevitable temporary hiccups.


- Invest in 10-12 fundamentally sound stocks in a year.

- Invest small on a monthly basis.

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A Complete Portfolio Advisory Service To Create Wealth.

An offline investment advisory service with personal interaction to create wealth creation portfolio that suits your requirement.


- Investors who want quality advice for direct equities & portfolio administration while making own investment decisions.

- Minimum investible surplus: INR 25 lacs and above.

- Suitable for HNI, UHNI & family offices.

Multiply Your Wealth
Investment Advisory Service - Strategic Guidance for Smart Financial Choices

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Investment Advisory Service Benefits

We are a preferred stock market advisory company for 38,000 investors worldwide, who trust us when it comes to creating wealth by investing in equities. We work relentlessly to offer you an unrivalled investing experience and fulfill your goals.

Stock Advisory - Informed Insights for Successful Stock Market Investments


Using a unique wealth creation methodology, we curate a portfolio that is designed to suit your risk profile and goals.

Investments Advisory - Expert Guidance for Sound Financial Decision-Making

Human Intelligence & Technology

Let the best of human minds and technology do all the research to identify high-growth stocks for you.

Share Market Advisory - Strategic Guidance for Informed Investment Decisions

All In One

Experience 3 in 1, i.e. Constant support, easy & secure payment options and economical pricing.

Stock Market Advisory - Informed Insights for Profitable Investment Strategies

Always By Your

We monitor your portfolio, issue alerts & guide you on rebalancing, so you can live a stress-free life.

Afraid to Lose Money In the Stock Market.
Build Your Potential High Return Portfolio Instead.

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Wealth Creation Journeys

Everything we do, we are driven by a passion to help investors create wealth in the most effective, transparent, hassle-free & cost-effective fashion. And while doing this, wealth creation is just the by-product of this process.

The data provided above is sourced from NSE

* The performance represented on this page is historical. Please note that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Equity investments are subject to market risks. Read all terms & documents carefully. The content on the Research and Ranking platform (other than that on the paid customer’s dashboard) is intended to be used for informational purposes only. User must independently research and verify all the information before investing.


  1. Registration granted by SEBI, membership of BASL and certification from NISM in no way guarantee performance of the intermediary or provide any assurance of returns to investors.
  2. The securities quoted, if any are for illustration only and are not recommendatory.
  3. Investments in securities market are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents carefully before investing.”

Wealth Creation Methodology

Our selection criteria are stringent, but the philosophy of our share market advisory is simple: Help you create wealth and achieve your goals by investing in fundamentally sound businesses.

We conduct a rigorous fundamental analysis of each stock based on a host of qualitative
and quantitative parameters.

Start with our Investment Advisory,
For a Better Tomorrow

Our Investors
Love What We Do

We've helped thousands of stock market investors invest better and take the first step towards a secured tomorrow.

Here is what our customers have to say about our wealth creation solutions.

Read More Success Stories
One of the most trusted financial advisory institution for investing in share market Trust them Invest as per their guidelines Sit back relax Keep patience to ripe the fruit over the recommended period One of most beautiful aspect of advisory is to provide Exit note just on time
The deep understanding of the markets, sectors is very impressive. The informative sessions by experienced leaders in the financial markets helps me to enhance my awareness. The employees who support me are regularly updating me, checking periodically, hand holding , they are all great. I am very pleased that I signed up and then upgraded to a life account, just seeing the service and advisory in a few months.
R&R is providing leads with high accuracy, One n all can believe & invest in advised portfolios blindly & should take complete advantage to improve wealth conditions. Market may be volatile, R&R is taking care of you. 5in5 is guarantee & belief. Good Luck everyone.
At the time of my retirement, I had little knowledge of the share market and was reluctant to invest in equity.But the bank interest rates were plunging down due to Corona and other factors. I took membership of Research & Ranking 5 in 5 and Mispriced Opportunities Advisory Services. The Guidance has been timely and the Investment has given Very Good results. The logic/inputs provided by them for each Investment has also helped me to Understand the share market and have confidence in the Investment decision and fundamentals of each investment. I feel I am Lucky that I chose R&R to guide me
I am associated with R&R from last 2 yrs, initially I subscribed for 5in5 service but after seeing the value of research the team does and the input they provide, I took the decision to subscribe for life time membership. I am very happy with their services, the insight they provide through research on each of the recommendation. A great association in journey of wealth creation
Excellent service....i am happy with ur good quality life is changed bcoz of Research & Ranking......l joined 2yrs back in Research & Ranking my portfolio is overall 140% up

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SEBI Registered Advisor - Trustworthy Guidance for Informed Financial Choices

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