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Wealth Creation Strategy for Long Term

You may have heard this story before.

Once upon a time, a man appeared in a village where he created artificial demand for monkeys by offering lucrative money to the villagers. He inflated the price further and kept on buying till there were no monkeys left. In the end, the assistant of the man made an even more tempting offer to the villagers by promising that “You can buy back all of these monkeys from me and sell them to my master at a much higher price”.

Neither the man nor his assistant appeared after that day.

The story above is shared on various websites and blogs and people end it by saying–
“This is what the stock market is all about!” We, however, believe otherwise.

We believe,

Investors deserve better!
Don’t buy monkeys, buy businesses.

We offer wealth creation strategy through investment into high quality businesses.
To enable your goal of long term wealth creation in India, we provide you with an in-depth understanding of both the quantitative
and qualitative aspects of each equity/stock in your portfolio.

Qualitative Parameters

  • Management track record and integrity
  • Business USP – First mover advantage, Price-maker, Regional dominance, Technology edge, Patents, etc.
  • Institutional ( FII & DII) and Promoters ownership trend
  • Rewarding Minority stakeholders – Dividend, Bonus, Rights Issue etc.
  • Percentage of promoter ownership pledged

Quantitative Parameters

  • EBITDA – (Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) Growth
  • PAT(Profit After Tax) Growth
  • ROCE – Return on Capital Employed
  • Debt Equity Ratio – Capital cushion to support growth
  • Capital Discipline




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