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At Research and Ranking, we believe that our success depends on the experience and success of our subscribers investing in stocks for long term investment with knowledge and responsibility. Always acting with client’s interest at the center isn’t just a catchphrase for us. We put that into practice by highlighting and encouraging the fact that certain prerequisites are crucial for our clients in order for them to gain the maximum benefit from our long term stock recommendations.

If a potential client does not meet any one of the following criteria, we actively ask them to re-consider subscribing to our stock recommendations for long term.

Long Term Stock Recommendations

Your investment horizon should be
1-3 years and above.

Stock Recommendations for Long Term

Your investible surplus should be
in the range of 2 lacs – 25 lacs.

Stocks for Long Term investment

Since this is a fundamental research-based equity investment strategy for creating wealth in the long term, you should be able to withstand periods of negative growth in your portfolio.

Our approach to long term investment is all about transparency, accountability and taking ownership of one’s own wealth creation. It is an honor and our privilege to support you in this journey.